Spy Hunter Cheats & Codes

Spy Hunter Theme Video

Enter GUNN as an agent name then go to extras, movies, and just move the cursor right until you see the Spy Hunter Theme: Music Video

Spy Hunter Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


To play as a watercraft go into the water as the interceptor.


To become a jetski/speedboat go in to the water as the motorcycle.


To change your car to a motorcycle wait until your damage is nearly empty then your car will automatically change to a motocycle.

Super Spy

Complete all 65 objectives.

Hover Spy

Complete the entire game.

Tiny Spy

Complete level 14 in under 5:10.

Making Of Video

Complete level 13 in under 2:15.

Puke Camera

Complete level 12 in under 3:30.

Camera Flip

Complete level 11 in under 3:10.

Fisheye View

Complete level 10 in under 3:15.

Concept Art Video

Complete level 9 in under 3:45.

Inversion Camera

Complete level 8 in under 3:05.

Rainbow Heads Up Display

Complete level 7 in under 3:10.

Extra Cameras

Complete level 6 in under 3:45.

Early Test Anamatic Video

Complete level 5 in under 3:25.

Night Vision

Complete level 4 in under 3:15.

Saliva Your Disease Video

Complete level 3 in under 2:40.

Green Heads Up Display

Complete level 2 in under 3:35.

Saliva Spy Hunter Video

Complete level 1 in under 3:40.

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