Spy Hunter Cheats & Codes

Super Agent Mode

Insted of trying to complete every objective in normal agent mode just type "superspy" as a name and Presto! Super Agent mode!

Unlock Everything (Including Cheats)

1. Erase all your files
2. Go to first file and name it BEST
3. Name second file GAME
4. Name third file EVER
5. Go to BEST file
6. If you've done this correctly, you'll have unclocked all cheats, be able to start at any level and have all modes (Including Arcade Mode)
Note: After you've done the code correctly you can go back and erase the GAME and EVER files.

Clear Game Cartridge

On the legal screen press this sequence- PAD LEFT, PAD LEFT, PAD RIGHT, PAD LEFT, R, R

Clear Arcade Mode High Scores

On the legal screen, enter this sequence- PAD UP, PAD UP, PAD DOWN, L, R, L

Unlock Arcade Mode

To unlock arcade mode, on the player profile screen, enter EDACRA as your name.

Spy Hunter Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Super Agent Mode

Successfully complete the game with all Primary Objectives and Secondary Objectives to unlock Super Agent mode.

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