Star Trek: Invasion Cheats & Codes

All Ships

Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Down, Up at the main menu.

View Credits

At the mission briefing screen, press [Left, Right, Up, Down] five times.

Cheat Mode

At the mission selection screen, press Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, L1 + R1, L2 + R2. If you entered the code correctly, the screen will flash. All missions will be unlocked, and when the game is paused a "Cheat Screen" option will appear on the bottom of the menu with such selections as "Player Can't Die", "All Weapons", and "One Hit Kills".

Star Trek: Invasion Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Reedem Depleted Weapons

Get the cheat for all weapons, go to cheat options in the pause menu, click "yes" for all weapons, then, if desired, click "no". You will then have all the weapons you depleted.

Secret Mission 5B

Search for the info unit between the two asteroids, near the broken shuttle in mission 5 and use the tractor beam to acquire it.

Secret Mission 5A

Destroy half of the energy plough and use your tractor beam on the second half in mission 5.

Secret Mission 4A

Successfully complete mission 4 in under 6 minutes 44 seconds with more than 40% accuracy.

Secret Mission 1A

Successfully complete mission 1 in under 5 minutes 2 seconds with more than 40% accuracy.