Star Trek: Starship Creator Cheats & Codes

Infinite Credits

Create a new ship using as many credits as possible. Use the "Export Ship" option after building has been completed. Return to the main menu and restart the game using a new Admiral name. Return to the fleet screen and use the "Import Ship" option to retrieve the newly created ship. Decommission the ship after it is added to the fleet to gain its value in credits. Repeat this process to accumulate an unlimited number of credits.

Star Trek: Starship Creator Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Beat The Planet Killer

In order to accomplish the "Destroy The Planet Killer" level of the game/simulator without destroying your ship you must have it equipped with "Tricobalt Torpedoes." (Be warned: Not every ship can support the use of "Tricobalt Torpedoes." If the ship sent on the mission is not equipped with these, it will be destroyed!)