Star Wars Dark Forces Cheats & Codes

Cheat Menu

While playing a game, press Left, Circle, X, Right, Circle, X, Down, Circle, X. Then 
a cheats menu will appear with the following options: 

Invincible: No damage.
Coords: Displays current position.
Pal mode: Switches NTSC to PAL, will freeze NTSC machines.
Supermap: Display full map of current level.
Maxout: All weapons and ammunition.
Pogo: Higher jump to reach previously inaccessible locations. 
Ponder: Turn AI off.
Gamewon: Jump to next level. 

To use the level skip feature, enable the "Gamewon" option on the cheat menu. 
Then exit the menu and pause the game to access a new option to skip to the 
next level.

Level Passwords

Mission	Name			Password

2				09VCJGG7WM
3				18WBDP7RMN
4	Imperial Weapons Facility	885BVHMCQ8
5	Gromas Mines		!32ZNJQHT3
6	Imperial Detention Center	GV8KF!G6KL
7	Ramsees Shed		3X8MJ47R3X
8	Robotics Facillity		LMZRK4!R3D
9	Nar Shadda			BR2WYK2CQJ
10	Jabba's Ship			00GBNLJ4G0
11	Imperial City		T2GDTJG5JT
12	Fuel Station			H2DCTKH40S
13	The Executor		PPYRQP58LD
14	The Arc Hammer		RT2W121V7J

Cheat Code

Level Codes


Level Select

Enter "P3NDLDQNY2" as a password.

Level Select And All Guns

Enter "205F6HJT0V" as a password.