Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Cheats & Codes

Every Level With Twelve Lives!

2: bqdbgt
3: bqfbht
4: bqgbdt
5: bqhbft
6: bqkbct
7: bqlbst
8: bqmbtt
9: bqnbqt
10: bqpbrt
11: bqqbnt

Asteroid Belt

To get to the asteroid belt (level 5), type in "BLHBFP" and you'll be sent to the level alond with 8 lives!

Level Codes For The

These will leave you with one life, but can get you to any level.
2- bgdggp
3- bdfghh
4- bcggdj
5- bchgfj
6- bckgcj
7- bclgsj
8- bcmgtj
9- bcngqj
10- bcpgrj
11- bcqgnj

Star Wars Episode II Attack of the Clones Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


To pick any lightsaber you must have to beat the game 3 times in a row. Then at the starting screen where it says, "options", etc. It will say "lightsaber select". You can choose green, yellow red or purple and that will be the color for every jedi you play in the game.

Be Mace Windu, And Beyond Levels

To get to level where you get to be Mace windu, type in BGNBQK at the password screen.And for the last level, type in BGQBNK. That's the level where you fight Count Dooku (Darth Tyrannus).

Count Dooku

To beat Count Dooku hold A and keep on pressing Down.

Lots Of Life

When playing a walking level (2 dimensional) kill alot of bad guys till your force meter fills up. After the force meter's filled, for every bad guy you kill will be a heart (life).

Return Shot

When you are being shot at by any enemy you can return the shot by waiting until the shot has been fired then right before the shot is about to hit you you block. This works standing up or crouching.

The Force

When fighting Count Dooku (level 11), use the force by pressing L and CONTROL PAD RIGHT. This will knock him down and take off damage. ONLY use the force when he turns his back or otherwise he'll reverse it.

Mega Block

When you block a laser attack press down and R instead of just R, the shot should then return to the sender (This works best with Anakin)