Star Wars: Racer Revenge Cheats & Codes

Hard Mode Cheat

Go to the main menu and hold "L1+L2+R1+R2" and while holding press Triangle and you will hear a noise. "Hard Mode cheat on" will flash. Do the same to turn it off.

All Tracks And All Characters

To get all characters and all tracks, first set a record. After that type your name "no time" then go to the main menu. Hold L1, L2, R1, R2 then press right, left, right, left, circle, square, circle, square then youll have all tracks and all characters.

Cheat Menu

Enter "NO TIME"

Repair Without Losing Speed

When you are racing and have damage, hold L2 + R2 to get repaired without losing speed.

Star Wars: Racer Revenge Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Watto's Bribes

After you get first place in a race in tournament mode, you can never race it again for money, and after you complete it the first time you can never get the full purse again. Since Watto's bribes amplify your winnings by a percentage, it is best to destroy as many other racers as possible the first time.

Art Galleries

Upon completion of each of the three cups in tournament mode, an art gallery will become available. The Galactic Trials opens the Pod Racer Conceptual art gallery. The Podracing Open opens the Pilots art gallery. The Hutt Championship opens the Worlds and Arenas art gallery.

All Tracks

Successfully complete the tracks in tournament mode to unlock the corresponding track in the other game modes.

Race As Watto

Get in the fastest three lap times for every track to unlock Watto.

Race As Sebulba (Episode 1)

Win first place in all three tournaments as Sebulba to unlock Sebulba.

Race As Darth Vader

Unlock Anikin (Episode 1), Watto, and Darth Maul, then win tournament mode as one of those racers to unlock Darth Vader.

Race As Darth Maul

Get the top KO score for every track to unlock Darth Maul.

Race As Anakin (Episode 1)

Get the fastest lap time for every track to unlock Anakin.

Bonus Racer

Select tournament mode. Win the first four tracks in first place to unlock a new racer.