Star Wars: Rebellion Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

FAST Colonizing

As you know if you are a seasoned rebellion player, when you colonize a planet on the outer ring you must wait for a facility to be deployed there before you officially own the planet. Now the other day i was playing and i realized that the rebel base takes up a slot on the facility meter. If you want to colonize the planets fast all you have to do is move your base to the planet!!!. It is great for stocking up large amounts of maintinence. Of course this only works with the rebels. Hope this will help you all out!

Research Hint

To speed up research and get the most facilities/units/ships as fast as possible you should assing all of your character (even those with good other skills) that van to research their respective tech. For ones that can research more than one thing I usually go with ship research as a priority.

Sweeper Diplomacy

Take at least 3 to 4 diplomats and send them to 3 to 4 different planets in one sector. Have them run diplomacy missions. Keep sending your diplomats to every single planet in the sector and then do the same for all of the sectors. Do this quickly, because the other side may want those same planets. Try starting this diplomacy campaign around day 25 or 30.

First Person View

Highlight a ship during a battle and press [Tab].