StarLancer Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

At the main menu, hold [Ctrl] and type "potato". If you entered the code correctly, "M1" will appear in the top left corner of the screen. Type a number from 01 to 24 to change the mission number, then hold one of the following key combinations until the ship selection screen appears to have the indicated ship:

Normal selection of ships		[Ctrl] + [Enter]
Predator			[Shift] + [F1]
Naginata			[Shift] + [F2]
Grendel			[Shift] + [F3]
Crusader			[Shift] + [F4]
Coyote			[Shift] + [F5]
Mirage IV			[Shift] + [F6]
Tempest			[Shift] + [F7]
Patriot			[Shift] + [F8]
Wolverine			[Shift] + [F9]
Reaper			[Shift] + [F10]
Shroud			[Shift] + [F11]
Phoenix			[Shift] + [F12]

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