Stronghold Cheats & Codes

100 Gold Plus 100 Popularity.

At the "Main Menu", press "Shift + Alt + A" to enable cheat mode. During gameplay, press Alt + X.

All Missions.

At the "Main Menu", press "Shift + Alt + A" to enable cheat mode. During gameplay, press Alt + C.

Free Building, No Resources Required

At the "Main Menu", press "Shift + Alt + A" to enable cheat mode. During gameplay, press Alt + K

Unlimited Catapult Ammo

Click on the "Launch Cow" icon, click on the main screen to select your target area and fire, then immediately hit the "Stop" icon. The cow won`t be launched but the catapult/trebuchet will fire a rock instead, even if you`re out of rocks.

Stronghold Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Eliminate Flaming Arrows

Pitch Ditches can really decimate your siege forces. I've found that a combination of using cheat codes and other hints can virtually eliminate the enemy's use of pitch ditches so your pike men and mace men can fill in the moats without getting burned up. Use the "100 gold 100 popularity" cheat to give you gold so your engineers can build catapults. Use the Catapults to wipe out the towers and walls with archers. Make sure you take out any archer with access to fire before attempting to fill in the moat or your forces will be burned up. After you fill in the moat use the "Skilled Engineers? " hint to take out all the other towers and walls with fire archers. With the 100gold100popularity cheat you can build unlimited catapults. Just move them out of the way when you have used up all the stone. The "Free Build" cheat might make it possible to keep using the same catapults but the cows come in handy to take out the crossbowmen after you have knocked down the towers with the catapults.

Skilled Engineers?

It may just be a glitch in the software, but I found out that if you withdraw your "skilled engineers", the battering ram still works, but the enemy doesn't recognise it so you can destroy their towers and walls and gate houses at your leisure without them attacking it. The only thing is it will say, "This devise requires skilled engineers, my lord" every time you click on a target. You won't be able to relocate it--you actually have to have it lock onto a target. Give it a shot. So far, it only works on the battering ram.

The Ultimate In Defence

There are 4 steps to getting the ultimate defence building.
#1:use the unlimited resource cheat
#2:Build a 6x12 stone block box
#3:fill in the box with stone wall and put the fortification part of the wall around the wall block (the ripply toothy thing that makes it harder for enemy archers to hit guys on the wall)
#4:put firepots that make archer's arrows flaming arrows on the wall block
#5:build a stair case going up to the wall block
#6:get as many archer or crossbow men on to the block as possible
#7:destroy the stairs and wall off the the hole in the wall
#8: (optional) for an outpost put the strongest tower out in the area outside of your city
#9:build a 5 wall thick base around the tower and use the same concept of firepots and stairs and walls to make an outpost farther out.

Bandits, No Problem

During the econmy campaign (and must likly in other levels also)to keep bandits from attacking build a stone wall around all signpost. Make sure you completly block the signpost in. The bandits will appear but will stand on top of the wall. Archers can then stand there on the ground and kill the bandits without taking damage, or you can just ignore them.


If you are attacking with ranged units ie, Archers/Crossbow men i have found that if they say, cant shoot their etc that if you aim at a guy closer and then just before they fire click the on out of range, they shoot the out of range guy, slow going, but bloody great on sieges... still stuck killing the ping, but they don`t have any ranged units on the outer walls left :D Have fun

Keep Bears Away

When bears kill civilians, your popularity decreases. To avoid this, simply build a wood fence around a bear when it appears.