Super Mario 3D World Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Glitch/Cheat: Infinite Lives

Start by getting to world 1-2, at the point where you enter the pipe at the beginning of the level. You will come to wall, so climb up it. There will be a turtle and a power up block. On the ground there will be two purple blocks that you'll need to smash through with a butt stomp. There will be another turtle down there, but what you want to do is stomp on him without hitting the shell. Afterwards you want to walk off from the left onto the shell, and if you do it right it will break the blocks and bounce back and fourth giving you as many lives as you want. You can repeat as desired.

Super Mario 3D World Unlockables & Awards

Luigi Brothers Mini Game Unlock

You can unlock a Luigi Bros. mini-game using either one of two ways. The easiest is to get a Super Luigi U save on your WiiU. The other method is to Complete Worlds 1-8 in the regular game. The method doesn't matter. You can access the game by tapping the Luigi icon in the lower-left corner on the GamePad's touchscreen. The mini game is just like a revised version of the old Mario Bros. Arcade game.