Super Mario Brothers DX Cheats & Codes

Control View

While playing a game, press Select to switch the screen from being centered to an edge. Hold Up or Down to shift it up and down.

Play As Luigi

At the map screen, press Select.

Super Mario Brothers DX Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Gain 127 Lives

While on level 2-1, on the final staircase, don't kill the turtle. Climb right below it and then jump on him. If you do it corectly, you should be able to trap him and make him bounce. Each time you land on him, you get a life once you have trapped him, don't do anything. Lives will stack up to 127 at the highest.

Getting Yoshi

You can figure out where any of the yoshi eggs are by getting one in challenge and passing the level. Then in your toy box in the bottom right corner there will be yoshis face. Go down to it and then push "A". You will then be in a screen and if you push "A" again it will randomley pick a level and it will tell you where the yoshi egg is.

Level Select

When at the file select pick a file and then press A and hold it. Mario should of jumped. Use the left and right on the D-pad and it will allow you to select a level. After selecting a level press START and Mario should go in the pipe.

Infinite Continues

At the game over screen, hold A.


To add pictures to the last to pages of the album, beat bowser with fire balls.

Easy Points

Use the "Extra lives" trick to start with at least ten lives. Then, play until reaching level 3-2. At the beginning, hit the turtle shell and follow it until it hits all the enemies. You should get at least 20,000 points and an extra life. Repeat this until reaching 300,000 points to race Boo or play the Lost Levels.

Reveal Yoshi Egg Locations In Challenge Mode

Locate one Yoshi egg, then go to the toy box and select Yoshi's head.

View Fireworks

Successfully complete a level with a time that ends in a 1, 3, or 6.

Level Select

Successfully complete the first quest.

Japanese Version Of Super Mario Brothers 2

Accumulate at least 300,000 points in the Classic game without losing all lives, and without saving and restarting the game. Then a new "Super Mario Bros. For Super Players" game will be unlocked.

Lost Levels Bonus Levels

Accumulate at least 300,000 points in the game. Then, select Luigi as a character at the title screen.

Select Mario's Form

At the "You vs. Boo" mode level selection screen, press Select to cycle Mario into his super, fire, and normal forms. Note: This also may be done in versus mode with the link cable.

Boo Vs. You Bonus Levels

Accumulate at least 100,000 points in the game. Then, select Boo as a character at the title screen.

Always Restart With Ten Lives

Save and exit the game after only having one life left. Select the "Toy Box" option at the main menu, then select "Fortune Teller". Keep looking at the cards until five lives are earned. Return to the saved game. After losing a life, the game will start over with ten lives.

Extra Lives

Note: The following trick only works on The Lost Levels. At the game over screen, hold A and press Start. The game will start with ten lives. Note: This trick only works on a new game. Select the "Toy Box" option at the main menu, then select "Fortune Teller". Keep looking at the cards until five lives are earned. Return to the main menu and choose to play the "Original" levels. Start a new game to begin with ten lives instead of five. Go to level 3-1 and locate the two Koopa Troopas at the end stairway. Jump on the second Troopa to trap it against the stairway. Repeatedly jump on it until the maximum of 127 lives are collected. Begin a game in level 1-1. Locate the hidden extra life mushroom above the bush after the first pipe that you can enter. Save the game at this point. Load that file to find that you have one more life. Repeat until the desired amount of lives have been collected. Note: Depending on how many lives are desired, this procedure may require a large amount of time.