Super Meat Boy Cheats & Codes

Unlock And Play As Tofu Boy

On the character select screen, type "petaphile" and select Meat Boy, and you will play as Tofu boy.

Unlock And Play As Tim From Braid

Go to the character select screen and type "outtatime". Then choose any character and you will then be playing as Tim. There won't be a "push the buttons" sound effect as with other secret characters.

Unlock And Play As Goo Ball

On the character select screen type in " Ballgoo " than select a character to play as Goo ball from World of Goo.

Super Meat Boy Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Meat Ninja

To unlock Meat Ninja, get 100% game completion. The Meat Ninja runs very fast and can even teleport. If you play as Meat Ninja, the leaderboards are disabled.

Unlockable Characters

Meat Ninja - Get 100% game completion. Meat Ninja runs very fast and can teleport
4 Color Meat Boy - Collect 80 bandages
4-Bit Meat Boy - Collect 60 bandages
8-Bit Meat Boy - Collect 40 bandages
Alien Hominid - Collect 30 bandages
Commander Video(Bit Trip) - Warp Zone in World 1
Flywrench - Complete The Fly Guy! Warp zone in 4-18
Gish - Collect 10 bandages
Jill (Mighty Jill Off) - Warp Zone in World 2
Ninja (N+) - Collect 100 bandages
Ogmo (Jumper) - Complete The Jump Man! Warp zone in 3-16
Pink Knight (Castle Crashers) - Collect 90 bandages
Spelunky - Collect 70 bandages
The Kid (I Wanna Be the Guy) - Complete The Guy! Warp zone in 5-7
Tim (Braid) - Collect 50 bandages

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