Super Monkey Ball 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Gift Menu

After completing all of party games a new option will appear in option menu. The new menu allows you to buy more lives or movies.

Last Stage Finish

There is another way to finish the last stage, 10-10, "Created By". You roll up a thin path to a black circle with lower-case av on it. Usually, you hit the switch in front of you and the letters will start turning, forcing you to wait for the opportune time to roll from the "a" to the "v" and then onto the platform on the other side. What I do is skip the switch (keeping the letters still) and run up the path. On the final stretch, I go at full speed, and if I am going fast enough, bouce off of the top of the "a" at the right angle, putting me at the top left corner of the "v". The insides of the tops are tilted up, and if you hit it at the right angle and speed, you will jump off of the left end, roll onto and off of the right end, and land on the platform with the finish on it. If you are headed straight, you should fly right through the finish.

Useless Bananas

You will see bananas on different stages that you can collect. YOU DON'T HAVE TO COLLECT THEM TO BEAT THE GAME!!! All they do is give you bonus points when you finish the stage. So don't try and collect all of the bananas AND get to the finish in 60 seconds. You don't need to!

Test Party Games Before Buying Them

You can try each party game before buying them by saving the game before using your play points. After you pick a game, and you don't like it just don't save and turn off the game and turn it back on then pick a different one.

Better Bowling

On the bowling game, choose the baby because the baby is faster and better.

Slow Button

There are some stages that have a SLOW BUTTON that needs to be pushed in order to slow down things that fall or move. You will land on a button with 2 arrows and you need to go behind you to hit the SLOW BUTTON. After you hit the slow button, don't hit the other button or it will speed things up again. Hitting the SLOW BUTTON will help you pass some levels in the Under Water World more easily.