Super Monkey Ball Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Bonus Levels

Successfully complete a level without using a continue to unlock three bonus levels for that difficulty setting. Note: The Master difficulty setting does not have any bonus levels.

Beginner Level 2: Warp To Level 5

Instead of going forwards towards the goal, turn around and go up the little point. Fall off and land on a platform beneath. There should be another goal there that warps you to level 5.

Monkey Fight: Super Power-ups

You can combine the power ups to create combos:
Big Glove + Big Glove = Double Glove
Big Glove + Long = Big, Long Glove
Big Glove + Vortex = Big, Vortex Glove
Big Glove + Big Glove + Long = Super Big, Long Glove
Big Glove + Big Glove + Vortex = Super Big, Vortex Glove

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