Supple: Episode 1 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Causal Dressing

Do not wear anything casual at Supple Magazine or don't wear the same outfit because Margot Witherbottom will yell at you on Monday. On Tuesday-Friday she will fire you, so please have Arin wearing different clothing each day to keep you from getting fired.

Take A Course

If affordable take a type of course on the computer. It will help work a little more faster than Hugh does normally. The courses cost about $400-$1, 200. These courses are Writing ($400), Fashion ($700), and Design ($1, 200). The courses will be gray if you don't have enough money to buy the course. This is a Study Time session if Arin can't work fast enough. This will also impress your boss, Margot.

Gray Selection Choices

Lets say Arin is at the store and she wants to buy something and when you select it the "Buy It" will be gray. You must examine the item before buying it. Once you examine it, it is available to buy or some items are not available at the moment and will be soon. Also if you want to do something like chat or talk with another person and the choices are gray than you not able to do that action.