Supreme Commander Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Staging Area

Are you having trouble taking out an enemy base? Well all you have to do is set up a staging area its a great help in taking out an enemy base.

Cybran Destroyer

You know the destroyer for the cybran faction well it can walk on land all you have to do is select the destroyer bring the cursor over the desired area of land press a and the ship will go on land.

Supreme Commander Unlockables & Awards


List of Achievements
UEF campaign complete easy- (20)
UEF campaign complete normal- (30)
UEF campaign complete hard- (40)
Aeon campaign complete easy- (20)
Aeon campaign complete normal- (30)
Aeon campaign complete hard- (40)
Cybran campaign complete easy- (20)
Cybran campaign complete normal- (30)
Cybran campaign complete hard- (40)
Tutorial- (20)
Economy of scale: Power- (20)
Economy of scale: Mass- (20)
Economy of grand scale: Power- (30)
Economy of grand scale: Mass- (30)
DaVinci- (10)
Razer- (20)
Earthquake- (10)
Mouse Trap- (10)
Supreme Engineer- (10)
Fly Swatter- (10)
Supreme Armorer- (10)
Nuclear wind- (10)
Supreme Aeronautics- (10)
Supreme Shipwrite- (10)
Hail Storm- (10)
Typhoon- (10)
Cherry Picking- (30)
Holding Your Own- (30)
To The Grave- (30)
Hunter Killer- (20)
Project X- (40)
Firestorm- (20)
Supreme Assassin- (30)
Supreme Annihilator- (30)
King Of The Hill- (30)
Controlling Presence- (30)
Battle Commander- (30)
POW- (20)
War Of Attrition- (30)
Theater Of War- (50)
Supreme Commander- (60)