Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Cheats & Codes

Red Section 'Lounge' Locker Combo

The locker in the Red Section Lounge needs a code to open. The code is nine (9) three (3) eight (8). The combo is on a piece of paper in the little area with the fire breathing pipe that's between the vent shaft connected to the lounge and the first vent shaft you crawled through.

Freeman's Safe

The combo to Freeman's Safe is five (5) four (4) one (1). There's a Desert Sniper. 357 in the safe.

Old Friends

When you and Addison get to the room with the floor safe, the code is six (6) nine (9) four (4). There's something valuable in there.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Episode 5: Part 2: Blood Money

At the beginning, there are 3 guards. If you are lucky and they don't see u, they can both be taken out with a x34 gas dart. The third can be taken out with either a gas dart or an edt dart. In the hall there are 3 laser boomers (as I like to call them. Cross da laser. And BOOM! ) Shoot all 3, and no one else comes running ur way so no worries. Creep up to Yavlinsky's doorway, listen to him speak to someone on the phone, and once he gives the keycode 4-1-5, kill him. The code is for the door on the left hand side of the hall at that end. Go thru the door, go up the 2 flights of stairs. In the lil' room at the top is a wall safe to ur left. The code for the safe is 9-1-9. There is a piece of hidden evidence in here. member R60 said the code is 6-1-9, but I promise you its not. Sorry R60. After that, proceed with collecting the listening devices. Every enemy from here on out can be killed silently with x34 gas darts or edt darts. Just stay close to a the walls, stay crouched, use your IR goggles (trust me. They help tons), choose your poison, make sure you hav a clear shot, and say nitey nite to the bad guys.

Episode 1 Part 5 : Freeman's Files

The room you're in before you enter the server room has a locker that's locked. The key for it is in the server room to the left of the door you enter thru. The locker contains M67 grenades.

Goggle Trick

If you turn on your goggles (it doesn't matter which ones) and you press the button to turn them off, but quickly change them, you now have to press the button twice to turn your goggles off. Don't worry it's not permanent, just fun. =).

Red Section Lounge T.V. Trick

This is pretty fun to do. You can mess with the guys by the t. v . By pressing the button on the remote and turning the t. v . Off. This makes it possible to kill them in one shot. And like I said before. It's fun!

Freeman's Safe (revised)

In another submission, I wrote that the combo to Freeman's safe is 5-4-1 which is true. I recently noticed that that's the code the first time you play the level. The second or third time you play, the code may change. It could be 5-4-1, 5-4-3, 5-3-9, or something else.

Episode 2 Part 1

All three hidden evidence: one on a crate near the front right of the plane. The other 2, are on the wings of the plane. Use your EDSU goggles to locate the panels where the evidence is hidden under. The walk up to them and lift them open.

No Headshots

Headshots are fun and quick, but the bullets give away your Position. Instead use the darts for stealth kills.

Greatest Load Out

If you are trying to play a mission to boost your rank and unlock more equipment, the best load out that you should start out with(using the weapons you are originally equipped with) is the standard Socom Navy Pistol, an MB-150 rifle, and you should start out the game with a knife if you are on a stealth mission. Use darts for stealth missions.

How To Get Hidden Evidence In Casino

First silently kill everyone except for Yavlinsky. He'll tell the door code to someone on the phone. It will be 4-1-5. Then you will see a safe once you go up the stairs before you enter the next room. The code for it is 6-1-9. That's where the hidden evidence will be. You will need the Mark 23 SD to complete this mission silently or other quiet weapons.

Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Bonus Mission Bangkok Part 1

To unlock this bonus mission, it says you must first beat the game in story mode on either normal or hard difficulty. You actually have to beat story mode on normal AND hard difficulty.

How To Get The M-4 Carbine

To unlock this weapon you have to complete the last mission with Singularity on hard mode. Then try to get all 10 headshots and you'll unlock it. If you keep on playing levels on hard mode you can get the M-4 silenced!

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