System Shock Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


WEAPONS (in the order that you first run across them):
Lead Pipe          - L1 (your closet)
Sparqbeam          - L1 (several to be found)
SV-23 Dart Pistol  - L1 (below the elevator panel outside the hospital)
DH-07 Stun Gun     - L1 (southeast edge)
SB-20 Magpulse     - L1 (behind "cyberspace locked" doors)
ML-41 Minipistol   - L1 (northeast edge by the Computer Nodes)
Magnum 2100        - L1 (southeast edge, behind the locked hidden door)
AM-27 Flechette    - LR (northeast - past Zero-G Mutants)
TS-04 Laser Rapier - L3 (south, up a ladder) (great for close range battles)
DC-05 Riot Gun     - L4 (central, but worthless)
ER-90 Blaster      - L5 (west, through a crawlway and past repulsor lifts)
MK3 Assault Rifle  - L5 (northwest & south) (2 of 'em)
MM-76 Rail Gun     - L6 (west)
RW-45 Ion Rifle    - G4 (northwest)
RF-07 Skorpion     - L7 (southwest)
Plasma Rifle       - L8 (west edge storage room, the button nearby lowers the field)


Pulser v1 - L1
       v2 - L1
       v3 - L2 (library)
       v4 - L2 (library) (ICE)
       v5 - LR
       v6 - L???
       v7 - L5 (ICE)
       v8 - L9 (I think you get it as soon as you enter C-Space)
Drill  v1 - L2 (library)
       v2 - LR
       v3 - L???
       v4 - L5
Shield v1 - L1
       v2 - L2
       v3 - L2
       v4 - LR
       v5 - L5
       v6 - L5 (ICE)


Biological Sys. Monitor v1 - L1 (north edge)
                        v2 - LR (south by the Radiation Treatment station)
Sensaround Multi-view   v2 - L3 (northeast)
                        v3 - L9 (northwest)
Head-mounted Lantern    v1 - L3 (west)
                        v2 - L5 (across the force bridge in Flight Bay 4 with Boots)
                        v3 - L8 (center & southeast) (2 of them)
Energy/proj. Shield     v1 - L2 (Delta quadrant, in radioactive storage)
                        v2 - L5 (west, through a crawlway past the repulsor lifts)
                        v3 - L7 (east)
                        v4 - L9 (north edge)
Infrared Night Sight    v1 - L6 (Delta Grove lobby)
Nav. and Mapping Unit   v1 - L1 (your closet)
                        v2 - L3 (east)
                        v3 - G2 (southwest edge)
Multimedia Data Reader  v1 - L1 (your closet)
Turbo Motion Booster    v1 - L1 (north edge, in the radioactive storage room)
                        v2 - L4 (central)
Jump Jet Boots          v1 - L4 (southwest)
                        v2 - G2 (northeast)
                        v3 - L7 (west)
Target Identifier       v1 - L2 (Library)
                        v2 - L4 (north edge & west) (2 of them)
                        v3 - L6 (northwest)
                        v4 - G4 (southwest, behind a shrub)
Environmental Suit      v1 - L4 (southeast, past the door with keypad access)
                        v2 - L3 (southeast, in Abe Ghiran's office)
                        v3 - L7 (east edge, under clothing and hard to see)

Extra Health

Place a first aid in one hand and another item in the other hand and attempt to take the first aid by double clicking. Your health and energy will be restored, and the first aid kit will remain for future use.