T.R.A.G.: Mission Of Mercy Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Battery Unit

When you are playing, there is a battery unit that you will have to take from the room with the sequence lock to the place where there is a transporter.

Hidden Medicine

While you are in any rooms, you can check shelfs, cabinets, vases, etc. There you might be able to find different types of medicine.

Michelle Beats Green Scorpion

When you get to the point that Michelle has to fight the green scorpion, she will need to start her special move (press down and attack at the same time) while the monster is getting up.

How To Save Ammo for Alex

In order to survive, Alex will need to use the blue gun in order to save enough ammo for the scorpion that Gasshu will send.

Who Takes Elevator/Stairs

Whatever you do, do not make Alex take the elevator. It is better if Michelle takes the elevator.

Alternate Appearance and Weapons

Beat and save the game. Then, load the saved game and select the character that completed the game. Press Select at the character screen and choose "ARMS" to access new outfits or weapons. This also may be done after completing the game a second time with the same character to unlock a third set of extras.