Tales Of Destiny Cheats & Codes

How To Run

Hold the "X" button to run

Password For Helraios


Tales Of Destiny Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Multi-player Mode

Collect a Channel Ring and equip it on the character below Stahn. Press Select on controller two to use that port to control that character. Note: Repeat this code on other characters to use more controllers and a multi-tap to control up to four characters manually in the game.

Use Unlearned Magic

Note: Save the game before using this code since it may cause the game to freeze or act erratically. Enter the magic menu during a battle and continuously tap Up. The pointer will eventually enter an area of the screen that will allow magic that has not been learned yet to be selected.

Better Equipment In Darilsheid Castle

The first time you are in Darilsheid Castle, you can get some itemsand equipment from 2 little armories. Return to the rooms when the aethersphere starts to form to find new and better equipment.

Getting Karyl's Last "Golden Voice"

Go to Karyl's house after the place in the sky is totally formed and Rodosal was destroyed by the lens cannon. Your party will meet Karyl's friend, Sakuraba. If Karyl is in the party, he will suggest Sakuraba play a song on his piano. After Sakuraba has finished his song, Karyl will try to sing a tune. After some bad sounds by Karyl, he will learn his last special "Golden Voice".