Tarzan Cheats & Codes

Level 17 & 21

Level 17 - triangles, triagles, moon, vertical lines.
Level 21 - swirl, maze, cross, triangles.    

Level 13

The password for level 13 is X, Moon, Triangles, Cross.

Level Passwords

Level	Password

2-1	Cross, X, Moon, Cross
3-1	Vertical Lines, Vertical Lines, Maze, Swirl
4-1	X, Moon, Triangles, Cross
5-1	Triangles, Triangles, Moon, Vertical Lines
6-1	Swirl, Maze, Cross, Triangles

Level 9

Code for 9-1, Vertical Lines, Vertical Lines, Roman Numeral 2, Swirl.

Tarzan Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Going Up!

In some of the levels you have to go up a vertical hill. It might take a few tries. But if you run with the B button you have more chabce.

Move Fast

When you're climbing, swimming, or running hold down B to go faster.

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