Tekken 2 Cheats & Codes

Unlock all Characters

At the main menu press Square, Triangle, Circle.

Theatre Mode (Japanese Version)

After unlocking all twenty three characters, which includes the hidden characters, save the game. Then, unplug controller two, if one is present. Put the memory card with the Tekken 2 saved game file in the slot one. Now when the text "Namco Presents" appears, hold Up/Right + Select + Circle + X. If you entered the code correctly, a screen titled "Theatre Tekken 2" with a list of game graphic files will appear.

Wire Frame Mode

When selecting your character, hold L1 + L2. Hold these buttons until the fight begins. Now your character will appear as a green wire frame and the perspective will be from behind your character (looking through them).

Tekken 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Another Way To Get Kazuya And Devil

Beat the game with only one continue to get Kazuya, beat the game with no continues to get devil. (Beat the game as in, succesfully going thru 10 rounds without a continue.)

Play As Wang

To play as Wang beat the game with Law.

Easy Way To Beat Opponets

This one is simple. Instead of trying big moves like Yoshimitsus Sword Poke, (which the opponet will usually block anyway) concentrate on the smaller moves like Shin Kick. If you do them rapidly, it will cause your opponet to not have enough time to react.

Play As Alex And Roger

Start an Arcade Mode game. When you get to the third match, wait until your match winning round. Then, let your opponent beat you down to 5% energy. Once you have done this, quicky KO your opponent. If done correctly, you should hear the announcer say "GREAT!". Now your forth match will be against Roger or Alex. After the match, Roger and Alex will become selectable characters.

Play As P.Jack

Beat the game with Jack-2.

Play As Kuma

Beat the game with Paul.

Play As Kimnitsu

Beat the game with Yoshimitsu.

Play As Kazuya

To play as Kazuya, beat the Devil with any sub-boss.

Play As Ganryu

Beat the game with Michelle.

Play As Devil

Beat the Devil with Kazuya. Press Kick to select Devil.

Play As Baek

Beat the game with Law.

Play As Armored King

Beat the game with King.

Play As Angel

Beat the Devil with Kazuya. Press Punch to select Angel.

Play As Anna

Beat the game with Nina.


To play as any sub-boss, beat the Devil with each character.

Sky Mode

Completely finish the game by capturing all the characters. Then when selecting your character, hold Select + Up. Hold these buttons until the fight begins. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a punch. Use an uppercut or sweep move to send your opponent to skyward.

Big Head Mode

When selecting your character, hold Select. Hold this button until the fight begins. Now your character will have a big. For a larger head, win a match in big head mode and then hold down Select during your victory pose. Continue to hold Select throughout the character selection preocess until the next match begins. Note: You must have beaten all of the sub-bosses to use this code.