Tekken 6 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Only Way To Get

Play battles until you reach a battle that has the battle number and it is "highlighted" red. To get "LUCKY", you have to exit out of the battle (press START AND EXIT) then the game will save. Go back to the Ghost battle or Arcade battle and pick the same person you were playing with. *Note, this only works with the person you are playing with. During the battle, you will see Battle 1 "highlighted" again. Win the battle. If you do not receive "LUCKY", exit out of the whole game meaning press the HOME button on your PSP and restart your game over. Continue this over and you will eventually will receive "LUCKY. ".

Ghost/Arcade Battle Ranks

These are the ranks in order from Beginner to Tekken God.
1 . Beginner
2. 9th Kyu
3. 8th Kyu
4. 7th Kyu
5. 6th Kyu
6. 5th Kyu
7. 4th Kyu
8. 3rd Kyu
9. 2nd Kyu
10. 1st Kyu
11. 1st Dan
12. 2nd Dan
13. 3rd Dan
14. 4th Dan
15. Mentor
16. Master
17. Rogue
18. Brawler
19. Marauder
20. Berserker
21. Warrior
22. Avenger
23. Vindicator
24. Juggernaut
25. Vanquisher
26. Destroyer
27. Conqueror
28. Savior
29. Champion
30. Overlord
31. Sage
32. Legend
33. Fujin
34. Raijin
35. Yaksa
36. Raksasa
37. Asura
38. Dragon Lord
39. Tekken Lord
40. Tekken Emperor
41. Tekken God

Rage Effects

Black Rage - 1x Roulette 
White Rage - 2x Roulette 
Yellow Rage - 3x Roulette 
Lightning Rage - 4x Roulette 
Ice Rage - 5x Roulette 
Fire Rage - 6x Roulette

Help On The Boss In Story Mode

I recommend that you try to concentrate your focus to trying to pull of huge combo's when your actual doing damage to him. His massive wing, arms, or whatever they are provide him with massive protection so you want to pull of a good combo when he is unprotected. I also recommend that if you get knocked down roll away from azazel, if you don't he can do a horrible amount of damage against you.

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