The Da Vinci Code Cheats & Codes

Unlock Everything

Enter the code: "Et in Arcadia ego" to unlock all levels, Visual DB entries, the music Orrery, all concept art, and Louvre paintings.

Visual Database Entries

Enter the code: Apocrypha

One Hit Kill

For fist, enter the code "Phillips Exeter" at the "Codes" screen under the options menu. For weapon, enter the code "Royal Holloway".


Enter the code "Vitruvian Man" at the "Codes" screen under the options menu.

Unlock All Cheats

To unlock all cheats, go to Options, then codes then type in: FINDHER. A confirmation screen will tell you when it works.

Get More Life

Before you play the game go into the Options Menu and go into Codes screen. Enter the code SACRED FEMININE. A confirmation screen will tell you when it works.

The Da Vinci Code Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Solutions To The Puzzles

Puzzle 1: Rearrange into "THE MONA LISA".
Puzzle 2: The Mona Lisa code is "Da Vinci Painted those that knew between Bacchus and Uriel lies the clue".
Puzzle 3: The painting puzzle to get the dirt off is First Chitinase, then Dismutase, then Catalase.
Puzzle 4: The six statue puzzle is Venus in the middle, Jupiter on the top, to the right of that Mars, to the right of that, Aeneas, to the right of that Cupid, to the right of that Vulcan.
Puzzle 5: The floor safe puzzle is Sion across the middle.
Puzzle 6: The solution to the cryptogram puzzle in level 7 is "OUTDOORS THE GRACEFUL WATER YOU WILL SEE THROUGH DEDICATION YOU MUST FIND THE KEY"

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