The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Cheats & Codes

God Mode

To enable God Mode, press ~ and type "tgm". God Mode enables unlimited health, magicka, and fatigue attributes. Weapons and armor are not degraded either.

Kill All

If you press~ and enter "killall" everybody in that room is death except important humans.

Testing Hall

First press the ~ key to bring up the menu. Then type in oco testinghall to be transported to a room with a ton of doors. One room in the hall has all the weapons in the game, while another has all the armor.


First press ~ and type SetPCFame and you will get fame. It is very felpfull when buying a house or asking a question.

Instant Levlel Cap

While in game press the ~ key and enter this code:
player.setlevel 1-255
if you enter 255 r at max level cap!


The cheat "player.additem 0000000f 10000" will bring up 10,000 gold; at the beginning of the game, head to Rindir's Staffs in the Imperial Market District. Then Buy Apothesis with your new gold(just in case you're poor). Good for beginners, and especially for the early arena matches; it only has 12 charges, but packs a punch.

Set A Bouty On A NPC

To choose a bounty on a NPC, press "~" and click on the person you want the bounty on and then type "setcrimegold " for Ex. "setcrimegold 1000" and the NPC will have a bounty of 1000 and the guards will chase them. If they have a bounty, you can kill them without punishment. You can do this on yourself, but guards will still attack you.

Close Oblivion Gate

First, type "~" then click on the Oblivion Gate, then type "closeobliviongate" and the gate will close.

Advance Skill Or Attribute

Got to cheat menu ~ and type in player. AdvAV (skill or att) then type what level you want it to be 1-255 this code is case sensitive.

Wire Frame

Press ~ then enter tmg.

All Spells Unlimited

Press ~ and type in "psb" and you will get all spells.

Lock Door, Chest, Gate

First push ~, then click on the door, chest, or gate you wish to lock. Type in lock, pushenter and it will have a low level lock.

Unlock Any Door

Press the "~" key, click the door, type "unlock", and press enter. When you press "~" again to exit the cheat engine, the door will be unlocked.

Instant Kill

When you see an enemy, hit the "~" key, then click on them and simply type "kill" and press enter. They die instantly.

Shrink/Grow Characters

To shrink or grow a certain character, hit "~", then click on their character and type "setscale 10" to make them grow, or "setscale -10" to make them shrink. If done in third person, you can use this on yourself.

Turn On Free Camera

Open the game console (~) and type "tfc" (without the "") Then you can basically fly out of your body and look at yourself, and still be able to attack. (Great for making movies)

Turn Off Collision

Open the game console (~) and type "tcl" (without ""), and you can go through anything and walk on anything! (Including air)

Instant Skill Level Up!

First press ~ to open up the console window. Then type "advskill (skill)" to instantly level your skill up!

Instant Level Up!

First press ~ to open up the console window. Then type "advlevel" to instantly level up!

Free Gold

first press the ~ button to open up the console. Then, type "player.additem 0000000f 1000". you can add as much as you want at any time.

Free Lockpics

First press ~ to open up the console window. Then, type "player.additem 0000000a 1000" and you will get 100 lockpics instantly.

Free Skeleton Keys

First press ~ to open up the console window. Then, type "player.additem 0000000b 1000" and you will instantly get 1000 skeleton keys!

Free Repair Hammers

First press ~ to open up the console window. Then, type "player.additem 0000000c 1000" and you will instantly get 1000 repair hammers!

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Join The Dark Brotherhood

To join the Dark Brotherhood all you have to do is murder someone. I recommend a beggar, because they are not important to the storyline of the game.

Join The Thieves Guild

Go to the Imperial City, Read the wanted poster for the Gray Fox, then go to any beggar, talk to him/her, click on Have a coin beggar 16 to 35 times (depending on the beggar) then ask about the Gray Fox. If he/she reply's that he is a fairy tale, click on have a coin beggar a few more time. if he/she asks you why, tell him/her that you want to work with him, then do what he/she says.

Headshot Immunity

Go to the Imperial City Arena, and bet on a match. Go through the door and turn right, there is a guy called Roderic Pierrane and you can shoot him with arrows anywhere except his head. They just go right through.

Skeleton Key

The minute that you become level 10, go straight for the Shrine of Nocturnal. It can be found in the wilderness just north of Leyawiin, on the east side of the Lower Niben. By completing the "Nocturnal" quest, you are given an unbreakable lockpick and a continuous 40 point security boost for the rest of the game. This really helps when you are in the Thieves Guild or the Dark Brotherhood quests.

Almost Unlimited Arrows

Go to the Arena, and go where the archer is practice shooting! He will shoot arrows and they will either miss or hit the target, and then go and grab the arrows! Don't worry, you do not have to sneak or anything, just go and grab them!!!

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