The Getaway: Black Monday Cheats & Codes

Double Health

During the credits/video sequence at the beginning of the game (before you access the main menu.) press Up, Up, Left, Left, Right, Right, Circle, Circle, Down. If entered correctly the screen should flash green.

Screen Filter

Square, Triangle, Right, Circle, Left, Left. (Note: This is also available after completing one of the story lines.)

Silenced Weapons

During the video sequence that appears at the beginning of the game (before you press start to access the main menu.) press Up, Down, Left, Right, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Right, Square. Note: If typed in correctly the screen will flash green to confirm the code.

The Getaway: Black Monday Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Strong Special Vehicles

If you find a special vehicle you like then put it in a save garage for other characters. This is because most special vehicles can only be found by individual characters unless they are taken from a save garage.

Learn The City

Drive around as much as you can and find all the save garages so youíll find it easier to get to locations. This is also useful for finding the special cars listed which may be easier with knowledge of the area.

Donít Waste Leaning Healing

In missions donít waste your leaning if there is going to be a first aid kit nearby as you may need the leaning later. Remember, leaning can only be done so often per mission.

Speedy Start

Even with the slow cars of the game, get a top speed start by performing a burnout. Hold R1 and acceleration down for about 3 seconds until the clouds of smoke have built up a lot and then release R1. Your vehicle will now move considerably faster. This is useful for fleeing from cops quickly.

Free Rom

For the 2nd and 3rd mission go in and die you will restart and just leave.