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Water Room Codes

When entering the Water Room in the level, 'Gathering of the Clouds', you have to walk through the code 'EREBOR' (shown under his statue) to enter the room. If you put in the coded names 'DURIN', 'THORIN', 'THRAIN', and 'THROR', it opens up passages to locked treasure chests.

The Hobbit Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

2,000 Courage Points

At Cloudburst's start, an elf begins saying "Goblins may love the stench of battel...." talk to her seven times in a row, and you'll win a Whopping 2,000 points.

5 Bottles

In Lake-Town you have to put 5 bottles in order in the Cider House cellar. This is the order from left to right: Yellow, Blue, Red, Black, and Purple.

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