The Hobbit Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Funny Trick

In the level, Roast Mutton, if you hit hit a troll with a rock it will say something funny.

Points From Somebody You Don't Know

In Hobbiton by the water fall jump on every lilypad with out touching the water and cpoints will come from somewhere.

Lots Of Mushrooms

In the gathering of the clouds at the first catapult go behind the wall. You will find alot of of mushrooms and a goblin.

Glitch: Walk Through A Wall

At lake town find the place where there is a box hanging from somewhere and jump on the boxes then jump on the wall next jump on the second part of the wall and run into the wall. You should fall through the wall and be in a weird place. Jump into the wall to get out.

Glitch: Get Stuck

In Hobbiton get on top of the green dragon inn. Get as close as you can to the edge and pole jump behind the horse. You should get stuck there. The only way to get out is to talk to the dwarf.

Glitch: Get Put In Jail

In barrels out of bond go to the stockade and find the cell with no elves by it. Run into the door for about 2 min. and you will fall through the door. Talk to Balin to get out.

Glitch: Stay Under Water Forever

In Hobbiton at the waterfall get close to the waterfall and you can stay under water forever.

Glitch: Turn Invisible Without The Ring

In Hobbiton get on top of the green dragon inn and get next to the chimney then turn to look at the hill. Note: Enemys can still see you.

Fun Code: Tree Sliding

In Hobbiton get on top of the green dragon inn , jump on top of the chimny, and pole jump into the tree branch. If you do it right you will slide around and then fall off. Try it on both trees. It isn't very hard.

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