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During gameplay press ESC and go to the secrets menu and put in a code below:
Flexible - Unlimited Elastigirl powers
Showtime - Unlimited Mr Incredible powers
GAZERBEAM - Unlock laser beam
DEEVOLVE - Small heads
DASHLIKES - Always dash incredipower
ATHLETESFOOT - Leave trail of fire
BWTHEMOVIE - Slow motion mode
HI - Show the intro
BHUD - Hide top left bar
SMARTBOMB - Blow up everything
SASSMODE - Speed game up
MCTRAVIS - Get Incredipower Ramming
KRONOS - Super Punch & Wind Trails
UUDDLRLRBAS - Get 25% health back
InvertCamaraX - Switch horizontal camera
InvertCameraY - Switch vertical camera
InvertTurrent - Switch movement for Nomansian 
Island Turrent
EMode - Bright Colors
DiscoRules - Falshing objects
PinkSlip - Health stays constant
TonyLoaf - Health appears more often OR 
Temporary Incredipowers for Violet
Gilgendash - Dash not hurt running into objects
BoaPlace - Easier gameplay
RotAIDalg - Battle Mode
Dandruff - Henchmen launch death shrapnel
SpringBreak - Pick level
Labombe - Finish levels with Bonvoyage
TheDudeAbides - Deactivate any active codes

Increase 25% Health

To increase health first press ESC (while playing a game) then goto SECRETS and then type "uuddlrlrbas" and your 25% health will be restored.

Temporary Shoots Lasers

Enter "gazerbeam" as a code.

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