The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Ring Secret

After defeating onox go to the ring shop and talk to the red snake. He should tell you a secret, then choose "say" tell him the secrt he told you and he'll say something about bringing your rings from Ages.

Dinn With Link

This is not a hint but when you beat the game choose Save and then choose the file you beat the game and Dinn will be in Horon Village! She will say Impa has gone to Lybrania and she hopes if impa is all right.

Ganon Ring

After you beat the evil king (ganon), you will get a secret code. Type that code in a new game under secrets and then after you are free to go where you want with the sword, go to vasu (the jewler) and you will have a ring already. Make sure you have 20 rupees and then after you talk to him and he gives you a ring box, then go to appraise and it will be the "evil ganon defeated" ring.

Get The Rings! They Help!

Try to find as many rings as possible. Some really help with things like beating bosses. For instance, the RED RING has your sword do x2 damage. That could come in handy. Places to find rings:
1. Gasha Tree nuts
2. Subrosian dance hall
3. Advance shop
4. Market in Subrosia
5. Chests in dungeons 
6. People (Vasu, Wise Old Men,...)

Iron Shield

To get the L-2 shield (iron shield) get the magnet gloves and search the subronia for two cheasts. In those cheasts are red org and blue org. Take them to the blue subronionan you gave the flower bomb to. Then you'll get the hard org. Go to the smithy and get your iron shield!

Hidden Mini-Game

After you got the member's card for the shop in Horon Village, go to the hidden shop that is in Horon Village's shop. After you buy all the items down there the shop owner will start a new Mini-Game. This Mini-Game is tough. You have to guess which chest has the Rupee in it. It costs 10 ruppees to try. This is how I win. Just pick the chest he is looking at the longest.

Chicken Attack

Go and slash any chicken with your sword several times and a flock of chickens will attack you! If you want to run away, just go to a different area.

See The Great Maku Seed

After the Maku Tree is fully grown, go to the very top of him and you will see the Great Maku Seed.

Subrosia Market

You can carry more bombs if you go to the Subrosia Market and buy the bomb there. When you purchase it in the market, it will explode and your bomb bag will expand so that you can hpld more bombs-strange but useful.

Be Old Link From NES

Get the First Gen ring and where it and you will be old Link from NES.

Tiny Cucco

Go to Malon's house and sprinkle some mystery seeds on a Cucco and it will get tiny.

Noble Sword

Usually when you get the noble sword when you are done with the trading sequence but here is an easier way on how to get it. First you have to go to "Tarm Ruins" where the "Lost Woods" are. Next enter the Lost Woods and then get on the tree stump and change the season to WINTER. Then go left then hop on the tree stump and change the season to FALL. Go left again and hop on the tree stump and change the season to SPRING. Go left again and hop on the tree stump and change the season to SUMMER. Go left again then you will find the NOBLE SWORD.

Secret Room

In Horon Village, dig behind the clock shop. A hole will appear and you can go in it.

Hidden Shop

Get the member's card in Subrosia at the shop and then buy it for 5 ore chunks. You can now get past the guy in the shop in Horon Village.

Hidden Room

Go in Subrosia and then go to the Temple of Seasons. Go in the room where you got the Rod of Seasons and there should be a waterfall. You can go behind it and end up in a different room.

Big Cucco

Go to Malons house. Hit one of her Cuccos over and over again until it attacks you. Then when it is flying at you shoot a mystery seed at it and it will turn into a giant Cucco. Doesn't help in your quest it's just fun to do.

Advance Shop

If you're playing on a Gameboy Advance, head to the screen with the Know-it-all Birds Hut. The other house thats normally closed will be open. Inside is a shop that has 2 rings, and a Gasha Seed. All 3 things sell for 100 rupees each.