The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Cheats & Codes

The Master Sword

In order to get the two guardians onto the two squares indicated, go Left, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up.

Guardians Of The Master Sword

In order to get the two guardians onto the two squares indicated, go Left, Down, Right, Right, Up, Left, Up, Up, Left, Down, Down, Right, Up.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Gimme Your Arrows!

I found this out when in the cave of ordeals and this works everywhere. If you are low on arrows and low on ruppees, or in the cave of ordeals and don't want to warp out and lose your place, find some bulbin archers. Stay in the outskirts of their range and when an arrow hits the ground run into it and steal it out of the ground! There is no limit as to how many arrows you can swipe from their failed shots!

Control A Chicken

Hit a chicken 12-15 times with your sword. It's funny. You then can can control the chicken with the control pad for 15 seconds. Try it yourself!

Defeat Bubble Bug

As most people know in the water temple there is a bug that hides in a bubble of water and you can't hit it, so just shoot him with a bomb arrow and the bubble will go away.

Bulls On Parade

If you hit a bull in ordon ranch it will go into a fearsome rage and will charge at you but it won't hurt you at all.

Secret Healing Spot

Go to Death Mountain, then go to the springs and then there you have it. Hint: stay in there long enough you will be fully healed.

Heart Container In Kakariko

When you get your bomb arrows, go to the spirit spring and shoot at the big rock at the top right of the spring then use your gale rang to get it.

Keep Your Place!

Sick and tired of having to save in a dungeon and lose your spot when you restart? Find Ooccoo and warp out from where you are before you save in any dungeon and THEN save. When you go back to playing just use Jr. to warp right back to where you were. Presto! No more starting from the beginning when you save in a dungeon!

The Big Pig

Before you battle the green guy that you knocked off a pig at the desert ruins, hit the pig thats roasting over a fire for hearts.note: you have to wait after you hit it to get hearts.

Skeleton Warrior Easy K-O

In Arbiters Grounds, when you are in the room with the Skeleton warrior, use the Bomb Arrows instead of using a bomb on his fallen body to kill it in 1 hit.

Harder Fairy's Tears Trail

After you beat the first trail in the desert, you can come back and it will be much harder than the first trial. (More enemies, ect...)

How To Kill Ganondorf More Easily

Use the roll attack to roll behind him and slash him in the back. It may not work a couple of times but after you repeat this a couple of times you will take him down for the count.

Cheap Hylian Shield

Instead of going to the Castle Town to by the shield for 200 rupees, go to the Malo Mart in Kakariko after you have beaten the Goron Mines.

Oot Song Reference

The six howling stones play six of the songs from Oot

More Hidden Skills

There are two more hidden skills. They are both near each other and easy to get. The first one is at Lake Hylia. You can find it near the huge tower on top of the cliff. You can't get it right away when you are wolf or human form. After you defeat the water temple boss and get the master sword go back and climb up the ladder. Then Transform into wolf Link and howl the melody the golden wolf (aka the swordsman) should tell you to meet him near the entrance of South Hyrule. The second one is near the boat shop. Go to the edge of the first cliff to find the rock formation then howl the melody. After the golden wolf shows up do it again then meet the wolf in human form near South Hyrle entrence.

How To Get Hidden Skills

After you get the first hidden skill you will have to find strange rock formations that glow when you go near them. Have wolf link howl to the melody then you can find the Swordsman on a ledge outside the west hyrule entrance (you should see the glowing wolf and it's marked on your map). I where two are so far. The first strange rock is on the Goron Path in Kakoriko, and the second is somewhere by Lake Hylia.

The Lost Cat

If you climb up on the vines at the shop, you see a cat. First you have to get the fishing pole and get a fish and give it to the cat, the you can get the slingshot.

Cool Sword Put Away

To put your sword away like you do after beating a boss press a while standing still. (Note: only works on some enemies)

Kill Bosses Faster

When a boss can be hit or when he has shown his weak spot try jump attacking it and it will take down the boss faster.

Flocks Of Crows

Whenever you see a big flock of crows try taking all of them out and when you do you will be rewarded with rupees!

Magic Armor

After you give a Goron at Kakariko's Malo Mart 1,000 rupees to fix a bridge, then give him 2,000 more to set up a new shop at the center of Castle Town, you'll be able to buy Magic Armor for 598 rupees. This armor is able to protect you from ANY damage. But the catch is that it uses rupees to funciton.

Giant Wallet

Agitha wants you to bring golden bugs to her party, there are 24 in all. If you bring her every single one then she will give you a GIANT WALLET which can hold an incredible 1,000 rupees.

Hawk Eye

To get the Hawk Eye, go to the Malo Mart in Kakirako Village when it opens!! It costs about 100 rupees!

Hylian Shield

In Central Town Square, go to the bottom left of that place and you will see a door. Go inside and you will see two Gorons. Talk to the big one and he will offer you a Hylian Shield. Be ready, it costs about 200 rupees!

Big Wallet

Give Agitha a bug. She is in W. Castle town.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess Unlockables & Awards

Shiny Boots

This ONLY works after opening the malo mart in castle town. Go outside of castle town malo mart and there should be a kid outside, he'll talk about how dirty your boots are. He'll offer to clean them for 10 ruppees, give him 10 and he'll clean them, now you have shining boots! (Note: They'll stop shining after you leave the castle town center.)

Frog Lure

Beat the RollGoal in Hena's fishing place from levels 1-1 - 1-8, to get the Frog Line!

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