The Legendary Starfy Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Sea Jams Jamin' Secrets

Secret 1: At Sea Jams In Moe's Case, at the touch screen there are two fishes swimming around you can control them with your stylus.
Secret 2: In Sea Jams There are two songs that are diffrent they are Wireless Options and Squirts Drums. They are different because instead of moe its Herman and instead of starly and starfy playing the congo and the maracha's, they play the electric guitar and the bass.

Easy Heath

If you want easy heath, ( 5 hearts) go to the Mermaid's Shell. Save, and you will get 5 hearts.

Easy Pearls

Way #1: Go To Prince Bunstons Castle And In The Long Room With The Launchers In Each Corner With Ballon People And Regular Ground People. Use The Launcher on the bottom to wipe out the normal midgets to get a chain pearl combo. {same with top}
Way #2: Go To The Treasure Room At Pufftop Castle. Each Time You Go There If You Collect All The Coins You Should Get A Total Of 505 pearls.

The Legendary Starfy Unlockables & Awards

Alternate Title Screens

#1 : After beating the game starfy will be wearing a cool pair of shades.
#2 : On your birthday A Message Will Pop Up When You Turn Your Game On.
#3 : If You Tap Starfy Or Moe Or Bunston Whoever Is On The Title Screen They Will Change There Poses.