The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Glitch: Float In Mid-air

When you reach Weathertop and are on top of it, go to the bottom corner where the end of the corner is missing. Walk into it, then turn left or right and you will float in air.

Unlimited Money

At the start of the game, you will hear the riddle of the bog shoes from a man. Near that man him is a Hobbit hole on a hill. Go up two steps to reach it. Inside are three bookcases. Two are on either side of the fireplace and the third is on the other wall. Search the lone bookcase to get a gold coin. Exit the room and reenter. Search the same bookcase to collect the coin again. Repeat this process to get unlimited money. One of the graves in the Barrow Downs has a gold coin in it. After it is collected, keep exiting the room and returning to get as much money as desired. Note: The room is the one where you need the acorn to get into the next room.

Unlimited Items

Drop any item and save the game. Go back to the current game, and where you last left your items, there should be another extra item. Do this as many times as desired to get the best item for all players.

Unlimited Old Toby Weeds

At the dock where the Ferry is located, you will find an Old Toby Weed on a button. Exit, then reenter. Another Old Toby Weed will be in the same location.

Willow Willys

When in Hobbiton, you will find some Willow Willys. Keep them -- you will get stuck in the old forest later and have to free Pippin and Merry. You still have to talk To Tom Bombadil, but then will not have to search for the Willow Willys.

Passing Without Paying

When someone will not let you pass and asks for Pipe Weed or something else, save the game. Select "Continue" at the menu. When the game resumes, just walk past them.

Never Die

After you get the Miruvor from Eldron, duplicate it when ever you get hurt from a battle and drink it. Note: It heals 40.

Get Two Of Any Item

All you have to do is drop the item you want to make two of then save your game. Then when you start the game again. Then you can pick up the item you dropped twice! (This code might only work next to the willow tree that grabs Merry and Pippin I only tried it there).


When in the forest, continue to go straight up until you reach a big willow (Merry and Pippin will say they're tired). They will rest on the tree and it will grab them. Leave through the bottom and go to your right until you get to a diamond of tree stumps. Play them in this order: Note1, Note2, Note3, Note4. Tom will come out and ask you to find his feather. Leave and continue to your left until you come to a house. Go down and you will have to battle a spider. After the spider goes down, you can get the blue feather. Go back to Tom and he'll tell you that you need Willow Withies. Walk around until you find them. Go back to the willow with thw Withies and he'll let Metty and Pippen go. Go back, again, to see Tom and he'll invite you to his home. Go back to the house and his wife'll let you inside.

Glitch Fix

The GBA game experiences crashing for some players just as they pass through the doors of Moria. The solution: Save just before the door to Moria and then turning the GBA off. After turning the GBA back on, the player will be safely past the door. Black Label Games has confirmed that this solution works.

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