The Lost World Cheats & Codes

Human Hunter

Square, Square, Triangle, O, X, Square(4), X, O.

T-Rex With 99 Lives

O, O, X, X, O, Triangle, Square, X, X, O, Square, X.

Raptor 99 Lives

X, X, O, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, X, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square.

Level Passwords

Enter one of the following passwords to view artwork and additional scenes for the corresponding game character.

Gallery	Password

Compy	X, Triangle, Triangle, Square, X, Circle, Triangle, 		
	Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Circle
General	Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Circle, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, 
	Circle, Square, Circle
Human Prey	Triangle, Square, Circle, Square, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, 
	Square, Triangle, Triangle 
Hunter	Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, 
	Square, X, Circle
Sarah	Circle, Circle, X, X, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, X, X, Triangle, 
T. Rex	Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, Square, 
	Square, X, Triangle, Circle
Velociraptor	 Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle, Triangle, Square, X, 
	Square, X, Triangle

Free Movement

Begin a game on the Human Prey or Hunter levels. Then, hold L1 + Up, and press X + Square. Now your character may move freely through out the level and have a rapid fire weapon. Note: Your character will also be invincible while shooting the weapon.

Start With 59 Lives

At the "Press Start" screen, press Triangle, X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, Circle, Square, Triangle, X, Circle. Then, the game will begin without sound effects. Exit the game, enter options, then turn sound effects "On" and re- enter the code.

Level Select And View FMV Sequences

Enter Square, X, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square as a password three times. Note: Ignore the invalid password response between entries. Select the blank position at the bottom of the "Movies" menu to view all FMV sequences in the game.