The Outfit Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Make Your Own Foxhole

When there is a deep hole in the ground, order an anti-tank gun or machine gun nest in front of it. Try crouching down in it to get protection when reloading or when your gun overheats. For example, when you are Deuce and he is reloading his bazooka, crouch down in the hole. The anti-tank gun or machine gun nest will take over.

Cripple Nazi Tanks

The best way to cripple a tank (keeping it from shooting you with its machine gun or its main turret) is to shoot out the gunner. It works against all of the Nazi tanks and gun cars EXCEPT for the Panther Tank.

Acheivement Award Locations

This is where all the medals are located in single player campaign:
Mission 1: Combat Aid, Air Defense
Mission 2: Troop Car Destroyed, Search Lights Destroyed
Mission 3: Convoy Ambush, Propaganda Destroyed
Mission 4: Tank Crew Rescue, Reinforcement Rescue
Mission 5: Allied Rescue, Panther Tank Capture
Mission 6: Submarine Destruction, Transport Ship Destruction
Mission 7: POW Savior, Train Destroyed
Mission 8: Allied Savior, Fuel Depot Destroyed (barrels)
Mission 9: Howitzer Defense, Tank Columns Destroyed
Mission 10: V1 Rockets Destroyed, Prototype Jet Destroyed
Mission 11: Bunker Defense, AA Guns Destroyed
Mission 12: Airfield Saved, Radar Tower Destroyed
Completion of the Game

Infinite Points

Get 9,999 battlefield points by killing enemies, blowing up tanks, etc. You will then have an unlimited amount of points to buy things with destruction on demand, and your points will never go down.

Mega Health

Collect 25 Medals

Insane Damage Multiplier

Collect 21 Medals

Faster Health Regeneration Rate

Collect 8 Medals