The Simpsons Game Cheats & Codes

Infinite Power For All Characters

Circle, Left, Right, Circle, Square, And L1.

Unlock All Levels

Enter circle square triangle triangle circle.

Homer's Outfits And Trophies

At main menu press left right triangle triangle square L3.

Unlock All Bart's Costume And Trophies

Right, Left, Square, Square, Triangle, R3.

Unlock All Marge's Costumes And Trophies

Triangle, Square, Triangle, Triangle, Square, R3

Unlock All Lisa's Costumes And Trophies

Square, Triangle, Square, Square, Square, L3.

The Simpsons Game Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

How To Defeat The Alien Abduction Level

To defeat the alien abduction level all you have to do is get past all the aliens use helium homer to blast across the valley and pull the trigger and then use homer ball to blast across the other platform and land on the platform then pull the trigger again and a ufo should take you and bart into it and release the guy that is an orphanage dude and pull the trigger to release him and then use homer ball and blast all the alien releasers and you should be done with that level and you should unlock the video game level and defeat Matt Groening.

Defeat Evil Donut Boy

To defeat the evil donut boy all you have to do is pull out bart"s slingshot hold down l1 and press circle and be careful he might charge his laser at you if you do it correctly there should be a hatch open double jump bart and dislocate his wires by triangle and use the same routine except use double jump with homer and for the third time get on a high ledge like the construction zone or on top of krusty burger or something tall and make sure your normal bart and double jump him and while your in the air turn into bartman and make him glide and undo the hatches I spent 12 hours to figure out.

Rescue Lenny Ad Carl

To save lenny and carl all you have to do is pull a lever on the platform in a minute.

Beat King Snorky

To beat king snorky you have to use barts slingshot and use the buddha hand to grab the giant jellyfish in the bubbling water and pick it up and drop it in king snorkys tank and quickly switch characters and use barts sling shot and repeat this three more times and you my friend should defeat king snorky but first you have to defeat all the other enemies. Warning: enemies may come back though.

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