The Simpsons Game Cheats & Codes

All Cliches

At the extras menu, press left minus right plus right Z.

All Movies

At the extras menu, press minus left minus right plus C.

Unlimited Power For All Characters

Enter the following code while in the "Extras" menu screen. Note: Successful entry will result in a sound effect! + , +contral pad (same time again) , + , - , Z

The Simpsons Game Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Music Glitch

On the level grand theft scratchy on the first part fix up the houses in that circle. After you fix the house with the big garage on the right go to the garage and rotate the camera and you will hear music.

Enter The Cheatrix (episode 6)

(when you pass the 1st part of the 1st part)have Bart pull the lever, pull another lever, pull the lever the "yellow" platform, get lisa on moving platform that has a 'C' on it. mediate (move blue gears on the green water so they turn, and so you can get across), fly bart on the wire, get to the green tube. lisa climb pole mediate lisa (move the railway onto tetertotter) bart climb pole bart climb another pole pull lever bart pull lever bart get to green tube Aim sling shot at green target get to green tube w/ bart climb the yellow and black pole spring up have lisa jump on pink spring up w/lisa pull lever spring (lisa) mediate w/ lisa (move extra pipes onto certain colors hint--- I will let you figure out which colors the pipes go on) get to the green tube wire (bart) pull lever mediate (move blue conatiner) get to green tube w/ bart spring up mediate (gorilla, you have to the lisa buddha slam on it ( spring up mediate (same thing as before) mediate (same thing as before).

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