The Sims 2: Free Time Expansion Pack Cheats & Codes

How To Get Twins

First bring up the cheat window by pressing ctrl+shif+c Then type in twinzr2cute. This will only work if a person is already pregnant. Then you just have to wait for the person to give labor.

Terrain Elevation

To change the terrain elevation of your neighborhood, enter the cheat "modifyneighbourhoodterrain on" after pressing ctrl+shift+c and enter.

1,000 Simoleans

Press Ctrl+Shift+C and then enter the cheat "kaching" (without the quotes) to get an extra 1,000 simoleans.

Access Most Cheats

Cheats are available if your press: shift+ctrl+c and press enter. it will give you all the commmon cheats and what to do to access them.

50,000 Dollars

First hold Ctrl, Shift, C. Then at the top of the screen type in ''motherlode'' and you will get 50,000 dollars.