The Sims 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Lots Of Money

This method for tons of money is simple but takes a while to actually do. First you do "Blackout" up until you have to enter the warehouse. Once there you collect all 45 nuclear fuel rods. After that you DO NOT return to finish the episode. There is no scientists in the nuclear plant in this episode so you have to quit. Then, choose a different episode. (NOTICE, in the episode you picked you still have all 45 nuclear rods and any other rods you come across) Finally you sell all of your nuclear rods for over $5,000. Reapeat as often as you want.

How To Get A Gold Motorcycle

When you have a 150 points, you can get a motorcycle. Select repaint and you can make it gold.

New Social Tricks

When you finish a mission one of the options on the table are Social Tricks. If you have enough points saved up, you will be able to buy new social options.

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