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10000 Simelions

Get 10000 simelions -A A X Y B Y.

The Sims 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Faster Game Play / More Money

Tired of waiting for the days to go by and your guests to leave so you can earn your money? Tired of it taking so long for your rooms to get built? While playing the game when there is nothing else to be done and your waiting for things to happen, simply save the game, turn off your DS, eject the game, and turn your DS back on. Then depending on if you are waiting to do a mission in the dark or day or just waiting for rooms to get vacant go into your DS settings and advance the time atleast 3 to 4 days and if you need it dark change the time to a late hour. This works because The Sims 2 works off of real time setting. It will allow you to progress with your hotel and make money faster without waiting for days. Then just push the game back in and continue your saved game and get your bills and messages from the Concierge and continue.

Sink Into Floor

Note: Save the game before attempting this. Go into Jebidiah J. Jerky's room, located in Saloon near the restroom. Run into the corner where the orange toolbox is found and keep running. You will sink into the floor. Note: Do not save the game after this happens.

Float In Deluxe Guestroom

Go into the Deluxe Guestroom. Go to the very right of the room into the bathroom. Go up the strange object with the stairs. Then, run off the sides of it. You should float for a short amount of time.

Deluxe Guestroom Invisible Wall

Go into the Deluxe Guestroom, then go to the right stairset. Walk down it, then try and go back up to the right of it. There should be a wall and you cannot go back up.

Sink Into Floor

Note: Save the game before attempting this. Go into Jebidiah J. Jerky's room, located in Saloon near the restroom. Run into the corner where the orange toolbox is found and keep running. You will sink into the floor. Note: Do not save the game after this happens.


To get Bigfoot you need to buy the Secret Warehouse. But be careful because you have to feed Bigfoot every day.

Get Chocolate Shake For Free

To get normal milk, you go to the cows outside and milk them. To get a vanilla shake, tip the cow, and then milk it. Now, to get a chocolate shake you have to buy chocolate. Give the chocolate to the cow as a gift. This will feed the chocolate to the cow. Then, after you have given it the chocolate, tip it, and milk it.

Haunted Hotel

You have to bye a ghost picture. Then go to your room, and put the picture on the wall. Next walk up to it and click Admire. If you did it right it should get a little darker!

How To Get Choclate Milkshake

First you need to buy some chocolate feed it to a cow as a gift then milk for chocolate milk or tip then milk for a milkshake.

Control Crystal

Start the game and make sure you are on the "Interact" slot. You will see a crystal on the touch screen. Slide your finger across the touch screen. The crystal will start spinning.

Completion Bonus

After you have completed everything in the game, check at the store every month or change the month on the DS system date until an object that resembles a tanning bed. Buy it and put it in your room. When you get in there, there will be a place to choose your skin color. The colors are green, yellow, dark gray, light gray, blue, red, pink, and orange. The color will wear off in one or two days.

Mongoo Monkey

Have the Game Boy Advance game Sims 2 in the cartridge slot to unlock Mongoo Monkey for the casino.

Getting Things Finished Faster

To get things done faster, change the internal clock on your DS system. This trick works well if you want to get rooms built faster. Instead of waiting the normal eight hours, just set your clock ahead eight hours. If you need money get guests to stay, set clock forward the desired number of hours or days.

More Aliens

To get more aliens on your save, set the system clock forward by one minute. Load your saved game and walk around for a minute. Save the game, then set system clock back to real time. The bellhop should say that you are a time traveler and that the aliens have launched a full scale attack. As soon as you see the clock, touch it or you will lose all your sanity.

Aliens And Criminals

Do not bother fighting the aliens or criminals. They will just go away eventually. Also, do not approach them. They will take you back to your room. To make them go away so you are not stuck in your room, save the game, turn off the DS off, then turn it back on. Change the time to what ever time you are supposed to defeat the criminals or the aliens. Start the game and walk around a little bit. Save the game, turn it off, and turn it back on. Change the time to the actual time and you are set.

Desert Aliens Kill

Wait in the desert until your sanity disappears. You will be abducted and will walk like a zombie. Note: You can compare it with the mummy you will see in the desert.

Alien Revenge

You can dissect an alien by getting an Alien Mummy and buying the Government Lab for 2,000 Simoleons. Get near the table and select "Alien Autopsy". You must be very still when doing this, you will damage the organs.

Mummified Alien

Go into the Desert with your Metal Detector. Find the crashed space ship and use your Metal Detector in that area. You should get a Mummified Alien, worth 375 Simoleons.

Rat Cave

When you go in the City Hall, do not bother building the "Rat Cave". Tristan Legend will build it at no charge when progress in the game, whereas if you do build it, it will cost 3,000 Simoleons.

Quickly Refill Your Sanity

In the basement of the hotel, turn to your right. Go down the hall. Enter the door at the end of the hall and you will be in a freezer. A piece of meat will be hanging from the ceiling. Go up to it and punch it. Your sanity meter will refill faster than usual.

Increase Stats

After getting your Hotel score to 100% and obtaining at least four stars for your Hotel goals, go to the computer in your room and check out all stats. Afterwards you receive an outfit. You can do this a total of three times, but afterwards your stats will keep getting raised. Also, you must have a good relationship with Mama Hogg and the Goth chick.

Easy Money

Set the DS system date to the year 2080 or later. Then, play the game. There should be an alien invasion and lots of dirt piles. After defeating the aliens with your water gun, your vacuum and take all the dirt. You should get valuable things, like glowing rocks (42 Simoleons), Shrunken Heads (50 Simoleons), and Precious Stones (over 120 Simoleons). Go to the Art Gallery and paint. Only paint a dot, and if it says that is a masterpiece keep it. Do this on all of them. If they all are masterpieces, leave and do something. Someone should call you and they should have bought it for about 1,500 Simoleons or more.

Walk Slowly

Set the Nintendo DS system time ten minutes behind. Then, go back into the game. Somebody will call and say that you are an alien. You will now be able to walk very slowly. Take a shower to make the effects wear off.

SSX 3 Reference

Go to the shop in Strangetown. Once you enter the shop, go to the left side where you see boxes on a shelf. Look closely to see the box art from SSX 3.

Fast Social

Note: Save the game before you attempt this. This trick can only be done if you have Optem Alfred living in your penthouse, and if you have every room built (including the Bovine Shrine). Set the Nintendo DS system date to October 31 (Halloween) of next year. Restart the system and start the game. You should have several messages. One of them should be the cashier at your hotel. He will say that a friendly ghost came to the hotel. If you do not get this message, change the date to one year in the future again and restart. Check for the ghost in these locations: Art Gallery, Mamma Hogg's Saloon, Hotel Lobby, Atrium, and Basement. When you see him, go to a person nearby and do a Social with him or her (Impress, Calm Down, etc.) while close to the ghost. He will watch and make the Social go faster. When the mini game is done, you will now make the social go faster for every person you socialize with. Go up to the ghost. To the right side of the screen you will see the words " Mood neutral" and there will be two selections which are "xxx Ofix mood social xxx" and "Give gift". Select the first option. Note: If you select "Give gift" your Sim will enter the Wight Abyss not be able to get out. Your interaction with anything will not show up. Do not enter any doors or the game will freeze. Instead, reset the Nintendo DS and you will start where you saved, but will still speed up interactions, Notice that the game will be odd and you will find new people. Note: Repeating the process may delete your saved game file.

Deluxe Guestroom Invisible Wall

Go into the Deluxe Guestroom, then go to the right stairset. Walk down it, then try and go back up to the right of it. There should be a wall and you cannot go back up.


Purchase the Rat Cave from the town hall. After it is finished being built, wait until you get a call that a criminal is in town. Do not put on the rat suit, and find the criminal. When you find the criminal make sure there is a person in the room who needs to calm down, cheer up, etc. Go to that person and calm them down, cheer them up, etc. If the criminal gets near you while you are doing this, you will pass out and go to your room. It will then be dark everywhere. To reverse this, simply calm someone down, cheer them up, etc.

Skill Points

Skill points will appear around the game every couple of hours. If you need to skip ahead a couple hours every time you find one.

Vanilla Milkshake

To get a vanilla milkshake, go outside to the cow field and tip a cow. While it is still on the ground, milk it and you will get a vanilla milkshake.

Satellite Blueprints

To find the satellite blueprints for Lord Xizzle, ask Tristan Legend if he has them. He will tell you that the are probbly in the penthouse. To go to the penthouse, you need to have 5 mechanical points before you can get in.

Lord Mole

To get Lord Mole to leave, squirt him with your super-soaker a few times until he leaves.

Keep Guest Happy

If your guest are upset they will break items in thier rooms. Make sure to check the registry at the front desk to see who is in a bad mood. If a guest is loopy, they will leave piles of ick everywhere, causing other guest to get upset with the filthy state of your hotel.

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