The Sims 2: University Expansion Pack Cheats & Codes

Angled Furniture

First, access the cheat window by holding "ctrl+shift+C" then type "boolProp allow45DegreeAngleOfRotation true" with exact spaces and caps. When you have an item selected, push ", " or ". " to rotate it. Not all things are usable at angles.

MotiveDecay On/off

MotiveDecay off means that the motives (like the energy and hunger etc.) do not decay. They will stay the same. So do maxmotives then do control shift c and type in motivedeacy off and they will stay like that until you type in motivedecay on.

All Your Sims Needs Up

Press Shift then Ctrl then C all at the same time to open the cheat code window. The type in 'maxMotives".


Type in forcetwins


During gameplay type forcetins to have twins.

WooHoo On Couch

To have ur sims do woohoo on the couch press Shift+control+C and then type in tomuchluv4me and your sims should be able to do woohoo on the couch.

Maximum House Levels

To make the maximum levels of a house 255, type this: sethighestallowedlevel 255

Enable Cheats

Press Ctrl+Shift+C at the neighborhood view and type in boolProp testingCheatsEnabled true. This will allow you to move your stats up and down (Like hunger,creativity and lifetime relationships e.t.c) You can also press shift and then click on the sim of your choice and it will give you new options (such as spawn the tombstone of life and death, or make it my birthday) Have fun with this cheat, or if you don't like it then just go back to the neiborhood view, press ctrl+shift+C and then type boolProp tesingCheatsEnabled false (Of you dont put down the exact spaces and capital letters then the chet WILL NOT WORK)

50,000 Dollars

Press control+shift+c all at once then type motherlode.

More Money

To get 1,000 $$, press control+shift+c. Hold all down at once. Then type "kaching"!

The Sims 2: University Expansion Pack Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Create Your Own Dorms/Dormaties!

First, Build your Dormaty with Kitchen Room, Main Room, 2 Bathrooms, and 4-10 Dorms. Second, Add Things like Lights, Games, TVs, Computers, and Phones. Also Be Sure you Have a Bed and Computer in each Dorm Room and Make Sure you used the Special Door with the Brown Board Face Outwards. Finally, Open The Cheat Box and Type "changeLotZoning dorm" and Save and Leave. Now Your Lot Should be a "Dormaty" instead of "Residential" or "Community".

Types Of Ghosts

They are a certain color is they dies from a certain thing:
White : Old Age
Blue : Drowing
Yellow: Electrocuted
Red: Fire
Transparent: Starvation
Orange: Sattelite fell while star gazing
Purple: Killer flies
Pink: Fright of ghost
Green: Disease/Sickness

Make A Zombie

First, get the Ressurect-O-Nomitron as a Paranormal career track reward. Then, unless someone has previously died on your Sim's lot, kill a Sim. Use the Ressurect-O-Nomitron to call the Grim Reaper, and when he asks you how much you'll pay, pay only a little bit (not too little though, or else he'll just take your money and not do anything). If you've payed low enough, the ressurected person should come back as a zombie.

Pregnant Male Sims

In order to get pregnant men, first you need to have a male adult Sim. Then buy the most expensive telescope. Now, everytime that Male Adult Sim looks through it from 7 pm to 1 am, there is a 7% chance he'll get abducted. When he gets abducted, he'll return in 3 days, suffering from Morning Sickness. After 3 days of morning sickness, the male adult Sim will give birth. The baby will have all the features of the father, apart from the eyes, which will be red.