The Sims 3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlimited Money

Go into the "Buy" menu. Select the most expensive thing you can afford and place it wherever you like. Go back into the items list and the item you just bought will still be highlighted, without touching anything else (important otherwise it will not work) select "Purchase" and place the item in your house. Once you have the desired amount of the item (Your money can never go into minuses) sell each one and your money will keep going up!

Baby Hints

Want twins or even Triplets? Then watch the Kids channel on the TV or listen to the childrens music station on the stereo! Doing EITHER activity Slightly Increases the chance for twins or triplets! Doing BOTH at the SAME time really improves your chances of having Twins or Triplets! "Gender". Want a boy or a girl? ! To have a boy. Eat THREE apples during the Pregnancy to increase the chance of having a baby boy! Now if you want a girl! Eat THREE watermelons during the Pregnancy to increase the chance of having a baby girl!

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