The Sims: Medieval Cheats & Codes

Test Mode Cheats

If you're willing to edit the configuration file (INI file) for the program, you can edit the file (usually: C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\The Sims Medieval\GameData\Shared\NonPackaged\Ini) By setting the following in that file:
You will have to make the file writable (properties->uncheck Read Only). Once you have it enabled, you can move the Enterfy and Hunger bars with your mouse!

Cheat Codes

Code Cheat
motherlode 50,000 Simoles
RerollQuests Randomizes available quests
kaching 1,000 Simoles
ShowAllQuests Unlocks all of the quests. Also makes them infinitely replayable.
setQP X Get X amount of Quest Points.
setKingdomPoints [number] Enter in as many Kingdom Points as you like. It effects both your Resources (RP) and Renown.
SetKP x Get X amount of renown and Reputation Points
DisableClothingFilter Disables Clothing category filters
DisableRespos Turns Responsibilities off
enablellamas Toggles llama Mode
enablerespos Turns Responibilities on
fadeobjects Toggles whether objects fade when camera gets close to them
fps Toggle Frame Rate Display in upper right corner
fullscreen Toggles fullscreen on and off
moveobjects Removes Limitations for placing/moving onjects
help Displays list of cheats in-game.

Cheat Console

To bring up the console (and enter any cheat codes), you press CTRL+SHIFT+C (all at the same time).

The Sims: Medieval Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Change Light Colors

While you're in "Furnish Mode", press CTRL+SHIFT and scroll over a light. There is an icon for changing the light's properties (turn off/on, intensity, and change color).