Thief: Deadly Shadows Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

The Porticullis

To open lord Rutledge's Porticullis you will need to hit the lever that is in his Chambers. He should be in there when you go to hit the lever and if he sees you he will run screaming for help from the guards. If you silently take out the nearby guards beforehand you should have no problems. The porticullis is in the basement and inside it is the Bloodline Opal and some Loot.

Extra Loot

Okay, in the game after your first mission (that means mission not training) you arrive in your apartment. Go through the front door and you'll see a sign that reads out "landlord". Pick the lock without the man seeing you and when you can go in the room, and don't get freaked there is never anyone in there. There is this book and it gives you info regarding blackmail, In the book the landlord wrote where the drops are, another thing in the room is a cat statue that is worth alot of money and there is alot of other stuff to grab. Go to the drops you got from the book and collect your loot. You know how us thieves have sticky fingers well, us them.

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