This Is Football Cheats & Codes

The Jumpers Goals In Any Staduim

At main menu press: Square, Triangle, Circle, L1, R1. Now you goals made of jackets in any stadium.

The Muscle Men Code

At main menu press: L2, L2, L1, R1, Square. Now you have shirtless players.

Small Players

Press Square, R2, Right, L2, L1.

Small Heads

Press R2, Down, L2, L1, Circle.

Big Heads

Press Triangle(2), L2, L1(2).

Head As Ball

Press Left, L1(3), R2.


Press Down, R2(3), Triangle.

Alternate Clothes

Press Circle, L2, Left, R2, Triangle.

70's Mode

Press L1, R2, L2, Circle, R1.

Black/white Mode

Press Up, R1, L2, R1, R2.

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Win the World cup on easy difficulty to unlock the jumpers for goalposts league! The teams in this league will not be normal, They will be school teams. Such as Horsenden, Peterswood and Peterborough High!