TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Cheats & Codes

Beat The Game.

During the game you must enter the following cheatcode: R, L, A, Left, Right, Y, X, X, L.

TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Awesome Glitch

On arcade mode, select Siberia as the arena. Go to the blue side of the dam and into the doorway of the sniping tower. Walk into the wall of the doorway (it doesn't matter which side, ) and you will be inside the wall, untouchable, and able to see everything, as long as you're crouching.

Super Slow-Motion

If you have unlocked the slow-motion death cheat turn it on and play a mission where you can use time disrupter grenades. Use it against the bad guys and you'll see an even slower death then before which i find cool.

Beat The Deerhunter Easily

Once you start fighting the deer in the manson,go in the wall that he came out of and he won't be able to reach you when he attacks if your backed up enough. In single player you can let Beth do all the work since she seems to have an endless supply of ammunition.


At the Zeppelin multi-player level, in the middle section of the zeppelin, there is a red maximum powerup. Underneath the powerup is a beam that when shot will hurtle to the ground sending opponents on top of the retractable floor hurtling into the abyss.

Time Assassin Cortez

To unlock Time Assassin Cortez you have to beat You Take the High Road on Story mode. You have to beat it on Normal or Hard.

Unlock Monkey Gun

Beat the challenge Eletrco Chimp Discomatic with a bronze or higher.

Brains The Monkey

To get the character brains you go to challenges then the behead the undead section. When you get a bronze or better in the first level you unlock Brains.

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