TimeSplitters: Future Perfect Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Zoombie Shoot Out

If there is one person playing disregard step 1 but its better if there are two people step1:multiplayer
step2:go to team death match
step3:go to the temple
step4:take one shot kill off
step5:put the music to TS1 mansion of horror
step6:go to the weapons and put it in this order baseball bat, revolver, shotgun, brick, and grenades
step7:you will be killing zombies so fill the list with zombies.
after you try this tell your friends and tell them to buy TimeSpliters and post comments about it.

Playing Doctor

In the Level where you have to get the serum for defeating the mutants you will come to a room where you must eliminate all mutants to unlock a door. In this room are 4 "test subjects" strapped to a table. If you look right when you enter this room there is a console, if you walk up and activate it you will get to use the operating tools on the test subjects!

Speed Cat

When on a level (yours or in story mode) that has an RC cat in it, walk up to the cat and pick it up with your special glove thing, while holding the cat, activate it and it will go flying across the area!!

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