TNA Impact! Cheats & Codes

All Characters

At menu press Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, Down, Up if this does not work try again.

TNA Impact! Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Win In Standard Match

Press square repeatedly then every once and a while pres L1 and triangle.

When You Cant Beat Someone

When you are losing constantly and you can't beat someone just take a deep breath and like take a break then its like your fully rested and you will be able to beat whoever.

TNA Impact! Unlockables & Awards

Unlock Rings

Go to career mode and beat the game.

Unlock England

Complete the game to unlock England.

Unlock Abyss

Defeat abyss in story mode Part 6.

Unlock Aj Styles X

Defeat AJ Styles in a singles match in story mode.

Unlock Brother Ray

Defeat Team 3D in a tag team match in story mode.

Unlock Chris Sabin X

Defeat Chris Sabin in a singles match in story mode.

Unlock Don West

Gain 250,000 Style points.

Unlock Eric Young

Win the TNA Tag Team Titles in story mode.

Unlock Jay Lethal

Win the 3 man gauntlet match in story mode.

Unlock Jeff Jarrett

Defeat Jeff Jarrett in story mode.

Unlock Kevin Nash

Beat Kevin Nash in story mode.

Unlock Senshi

Gain 200,000 Style points.

Unlock Sonjay Dutt

Defeat Sonjay Dutt in a singles match in story mode.

Unlock Suicide, Suicide X

Beat Story Mode.

Unlock Tomko

Defeat AJ Styles and Tomko in a tag team match in story mode.


To win the Mexico arena you have to go on story mode and beat the first 4 guys.

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