Tomb Raider: Anniversary Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Getting The Shotgun

When you are finding all of the shotgun ammo don't waste your time looking around for the shotgun cause you wont find it. You don't get the shotgun until you beat that lvl cause at the end it'll show a video of you fighting a guy with a shotgun and you'll have to press buttons that it says to press.

Defeating The T-rex

When fighting the t-rex, shoot at it until it gets mad and charges at you. But before you make it mad make sure your standing in front of a log with spikes. When it does charge at you jump out of the way and wait for the yellow circle to turn red then shoot (you should still be in the air) the bullet should hit him in the eye and if done correctly the t-rex should run into the log with spikes doing far more damage then if he adjusts, run into a wall. (Hint:After he hits a log with spikes it will break but there are plenty more).


In Egypt after you put all four of the little emblem things on the big monument a big door will open which leads to a room with four cylinder stones that can rotate. If you move one you will notice that the other ones move to. When you move one every other one moves but the one diagonal from the one you just moved!

Easy Way To Get Past Shooting Arrows

When you have to get past the shooting arrows instead of running, do the swan dive to the front handspring until you get to the end or a place where you can start doing it again.

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